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Galaxy note edge Kıvrık ekranlı tasarımı ile farklılık yarattı. Türkiye'de satışına başlanacan Galaxy note edge modeline büyük ilgi gösterildi.
Hava durumu,Saat,haber akışı ve v.b. özellikler kıvrımlı kenar sayesinde görüntülenebilmesi ile ayrı bir renk katıyor. 5.6 inçlik Süper Amoled ekranı ve Gorilla Glass 3 ile kaplı olması daha sağlam bir ekran olmaktadır. 8.3 mm kalınlığı ilede Galaxy note 4'ten daha ince. Ağırlığı 174 gram olan,2.7 ghz hızından çalışan Note edge, 32 gb ve 64 GB'lık hafıza seçenekleri bulunuyor.

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Shadyside Inn Suites is different. Your idea of staying in a hotel is about to change. Our suites are not typical hotel rooms. In fact we do not have rooms; we only offer suites. Why are we different? Your suite is a fully furnished apartment with the same amenities as a hotel located in a residential neighborhood. It’s not just any neighborhood, it’s Shadyside, Pittsburgh’s most quaint, trendy, and upscale urban area. Picture Boston’s Newberry Street, or New York’s East Village and you will get an idea of what the Shadyside area is like.
Imagine having your own apartment in the best location in Pittsburgh for as little as a day or for as long as a lifetime. Shadyside Inn Suites is as flexible as you need. Only going to be here for a night? Why not have your own fully equipped apartment? Need somewhere to stay for a month while your house is renovated? Shadyside Inn Suites is your answer. Looking to attend the University for only nine months? Shadyside Inn Suites can accommodate. Think this is going to cost you more than a hotel? Not even close. Our rates are lower, our suites are double the size of any hotel in the area, our parking is free, and our location is unrivaled.
Our suites are located within a block or two of some of the best dining, entertainment, and shopping in Pittsburgh. At your door are 135+ shops, 15+ restaurants and some of the best nightlife in the area. Shop in small boutiques, visit your favorite national store, and dine on cuisines from all over the world. Shadyside living is unmatched.
Stay in Shadyside and still be approximately 4 miles from Downtown Pittsburgh and the Convention Center and less than 1 mile from the following hospitals: Presbyterian, Montefiore, Magee Women’s, Falk Clinic, West Penn, Children’s, Shadyside Hospital, and Western Psychiatric
Within 1 mile of the Shadyside Inn Suites is The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Museum of Natural History, The University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University Chatham College, and Carlow College.
Besides coming for a visit, the best way to learn about our story is read what other people have said about us. Please click on the following links to read what the professionals have to say.

High Flow Range Mass Coriolis Flow Meter

Ideal for the measurement of flow, density and temperature of liquids and slurries, such as aggressive or contaminated, sanitary or particle-filled fluids.Features:
Flow ranges from 60 to 60K Kg/Hr (2.2 to 1650 lb/min)
Accuracy up to 0.25% of reading
Materials: flow tubes - 316 L, splitter flanges - 316 Ti, housing - cast iron
Process temperature -40°F to 356°F
Ambient temperature -40°F to 140°F
Wide flow ranges
ACCURATE AND RELIABLEThis meter has the ability to maintain high accuracy, despite changing viscosity conditions, with accuracy of +0.25% of reading.

The ACM series has smooth stainless steel tubes and no moving parts, and is therefore very easy to flush and clean.

MULTI-TASKINGThe ACM series of mass coriolis flow meters measure flow, density and temperature.

Because of the meter's 316 stainless steel flow tubes, the ACM series can measure a wide range of materials.

Electronics available for the ACM series include a local, hazardous rated display and a remote, panel-mount digital display.

Dakota Ultrasonics

We are a manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic testing equipment most commonly used in the petrochemical, aerospace, automotive, and other generally related industries. The pages that follow will provide you with general information regarding our products. If you have any questions, need technical support, or have a request for custom items, please contact us at your leisure using the information provided on this site.

Our products are commonly used to determine the thickness of a variety of materials by making contact with only one side of the material being tested. They have the ability to detect very fine pits, flaws, and porosity in materials without having to destroy the material or parts being tested. This is done by converting the transit time of a sound wave, sent into and reflecting back from a defect or opposite surface in the test material, into a length measurement. This technique uses principles similar to that of sonar.

We also manufacture a line of ultrasonic bolting equipment that very accurately measures the stress, elongation, and load in threaded fasteners. These products are typically used in critical bolting applications where extreme accuracy is needed. If you have any specific or specialized bolting applications in mind, be sure to contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.


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TVR Cerbera

Resim Hakkında Bilgiler: TVR Cerbera spor otomobil.
Tarih: 12.03.2008 15:59
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Aston Martin DBR9

Resim Hakkında Bilgiler: Aston Martin DBR9, hafif şasisi 6 litre motoru ve göz alıcı tasarımıyla otomobil tutkunlarını cezbediyor. Aston Martin DBR9, 600 beygir gücünde bir motora sahip ve sıfırdan yüz KM hıza 3.5 saniyede çıkabiliyor.

Aston Martin DBR9'un Teknik Özellikleri:

All alloy, quad overhead camshaft, 48-valve Aston Martin Racing V12 engine.
Dry sump lubrication system, 2 x 31.2mm air restrictors.
ECU/Data system:
Pi Data system, Pectel engine ECU
Capacity: 6.0 litres
Power: approximately 600 bhp
Torque: > 700 Nm

Xtrac - six-speed sequential transmission longitudinally mounted at the rear axle.
Four plate carbon clutch.

Mid-front mounted engine.
Mid-rear mounted transmission.
Rear wheel drive.

Race developed DB9 aluminium underframe.
Aluminium roof.
All other body panels in carbon fibre composite.
High strength steel roll-cage.

Double wishbone suspension front and rear with adjustable Koni dampers fitted with Eibach springs.

Front and rear: Brembo six pot calipers with 330mm diameter carbon discs.

Uzunluk: 4687mm +80mm
Genişlik: 1978mm
Yükseklik: 1195mm
Ağırlık: 1100kg
Tarih: 09.12.2007 20:52
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2009 model Alfa Romeo Mi.To

Resim Hakkında Bilgiler: Alfa Romeo firmasının uzun süren sessizliğinin ardından üretmeye başladığı yeni otomobili Mi.To şık tasarımı ve etkileyici sitiliyle dikkat çekiyor.
Tarih: 25.10.2008 20:25
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